About Us

RecoverID, a KeySmart Brand, is the easiest way to protect your keys, bags, golf clubs and more from the stressful and expensive cost of replacement. By using one of our RecoverID products, you give your item a way back home!
The RecoverID service is the safest, quickest and most secure way to recover your lost item. In the unfortunate event someone finds your lost item, they can easily scan the QR code and let you know that it is found. You get notified and can arrange the return of your item.

Finders are incentivized to return your item because we offer a reward! Each “finder” will receive a $10 credit towards any RecoverID item, helping us protect more items and giving them more of a reason to return your lost item! This simple reward works so well that we see an average rate of return of 85%!

RecoverID works worldwide, requires no batteries to operate, and comes with a lifetime warranty. There is simply no easier way to protect your personal items than RecoverID!
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